Bartering eBook

Part of successfully bootstrapping a business is knowing how to strategically cut costs and operate on a shoestring budget.  Due to the overwhelming popularity of our Sample Barter Agreement post, we’ve created the Bootstrapping Without Boots: Bartering Tips eBook!  In this eBook, we discuss:

  • What a Barter Agreement is, as well as give an overview of the Bartering process
  • The Benefits of Bartering and how it can help you grow your business
  • We outline on How to Write a Simple Barter Agreement
  • We give tips and needed notes on How to Successfully Enter a Barter Contract
  • We provide a Sample Barter Agreement that you can use to create your own barter agreement template

This eBook, along with its sample barter contract template is available to subscribing members of our Bootstrapping Without Boots Community for free and can be downloaded from the link below once you have acquired a membership.

You can choose from a 1-Day Membership Trial for $7.95, or become a full-fledged Bootstrapping Member for $9.95/month.  After you've chosen your membership level, you'll receive a download password on your Membership Subscription Confirmation Page.  If you've forgotten or can't find this password after ordering your subscription, Contact Us, and we'll get you a new one!