Cash Parking with GoDaddy: A Review

If you recall, a few weeks ago, I decided to do an experiment with Cash Parking with GoDaddy.

The video above is my review of Cash Parking, and for the most part I found that it wasn’t the right product for me because my domain names aren’t in high demand, nor are they names that people would commonly search for nor misspell.  For this reason, I’d think that Cash Parking could be a great alternative for someone that’s looking to capitalize on the misspellings of popular domain names that might be available (e.g. – though that’s already taken. LOL).

For the $3.99/month fee that Cash Parking costs at the 60% Revenue Generating level, I’m technically about having earned $4.98 over the past month, but I won’t add that balance to our outstanding balance, because the experiment itself is slightly fudged given the mishap that caused me to have to extend it another month.

Overall, I think the success of Cash Parking with GoDaddy will ultimately depend on the domains you have, and your mechanism for leading people to them.  It was my experience that the Cash Parking Service merely placed relevant ads based on your domain name and the keywords you select, but the major issue is people actually getting to the site and finding the advertising useful enough to click on it.

By the way, just as a note, don’t think you can sign up for GoDaddy Cash Parking then click your own Cash Parking links, because they have mechanisms in place for tracking these things and that could get your account shutdown and you’d forfeit whatever cash you’ve made. 

Since we’re not spending any money this week, nothing is being subtracted from our remaining balance of $353.34. Don’t forget to check out the YouTube videos that have been uploaded to my Youtube Channel:

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