How to Build a Blog

WordPress Button LogoWe've added a new page that shows How to Build a Blog and you can feel free to follow along as we show examples of many of the things discussed there, as we build and tweak this new WordPress blog.

The page details the major things you need to know to get started with blogging, but here's the fast track outline:

  1. Buy a domain and web hosting (we've already bought our domain).
  2. Install WordPress or buy a hosting plan that already has WordPress installed on it!
  3. Add a WordPress theme (we're using "The Genesis Framework" from StudioPress with its "Generate" Child Theme).
  4. Tweak and Customize your new WordPress theme to your heart's content!

We're going to subtract the cost of a Deluxe Web Hosting Account at $79.68 (based on today's sale price from the link above), as well as the cost of The Genesis Framework and Generate Child Theme at $79.95, so our remaining balance of $193.71.  We're intent on keeping you within your $365/year budget, but if you've got the extra money to spare, and you think you might have a need for more Genesis Child Themes, we'd strongly recommend getting the Pro Plus Theme Package.  It costs a bit more, but it gives you access to ALL Genesis Child Themes that are created by StudioPressBundled together like that, it's a GREAT deal!  By the way, if you need more help getting started with The Genesis Framework, then check out their "Genesis Guide for Absolute Beginners".  It's a PDF that you can download and read when you have time.

Don't forget to check out the YouTube videos that have been uploaded to my Youtube Channel:

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