Customizing Keywords for Cash Parking Domains on GoDaddy: Video Tutorial

At the beginning of the month, I Experimented with Cash Parking, and it took me a few weeks to realize that I didn’t quite set it up right when I started.  I called GoDaddy, and went back and tried again by customizing my keywords and making a few tweaks to my Cash Parking setup.  Hopefully, by the end of next month, I’ll know more about whether or not this stuff really works! :)

A Bootstrapping Without Boots Tutorial on customizing the settings of Cash Parking from GoDaddy by setting the keywords for your parked domains. This tutorial is helpful for troubleshooting Cash Parking with GoDaddy if you find that your parked domain doesn’t have any ads listed on it after several days.

Cash Parking is a service that lets you make money on the domains that you have that you aren’t using by placing content-relevant ads on your page, and allowing you to earn revenues as people click those ads.

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