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Today, in this podcast, I want to talk about “Web Hosting Companies”, detailing what some companies have to offer, and I’ll continue moving us forward with this part of the series where I’m discussing “How to Build a Website“.

This post is about iPage Web Hosting.

I recommend iPage, even though I haven’t used their service personally because it seems like an awesome company with great features and benefits.  For $3.50 a month, they offer Unlimited Disk Space, Bandwidth & Email, along with a FREE Site-Building Tools, FREE Online Store, FREE Google, Yahoo! & Facebook Marketing Credits, and it’s Green Powered by 100% wind energyAll with a money-back guarantee

The Green Hosting alone, was really enough to get me on board, but all the other stuff they offer for their already low price makes iPage and unbeatable deal!  Though I don’t quite have a need for additional web hosting services at this time, the next time I purchase it, it may very well be with iPage, because I have made a commitment to make “Greener Choices” that are better for the environment.  Try iPage Affordable Web Hosting only $3.50/mo Unlimited Disk Space Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Mailboxes Only $3.50/month

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