Experimenting with Cash Parking from GoDaddy

I've always been curious about Cash Parking, a service offerred by GoDaddy that lets you earn revenues for your parked domains (i.e. domains that you aren't currently hosting a website from), so I decided I'd sign up for Cash Parking, use it for a month, and report back with the results, to see if any revenues were generated.

The way Cash Parking works is that GoDaddy automatically selects keywords that relate to your domain name, and then they populate the page with ads that are relevant to that domain.  They offer some customization options, but I'm not exploring those right now, since some of them appear to cost money, and I want to start out with the bare-minimum account, and see what you can get within 30 days.

I signed up for the Basic 60% Revenue Earning account at $3.99 a month for one month, so that brings my remaining balance to $353.34.

Signing up for it was easy, in fact, here's a YouTube video tutorial that shows you how to do it:

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