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Today, in this podcast, I want to talk about “Web Hosting Companies”, detailing what some companies have to offer, and I’ll continue moving us forward with this part of the series where I’m discussing "How to Build a Website".
This post is about Super Green Hosting Web Hosting.

My final web hosting recommendation is going to be Super Green Hosting.  I’ve made a commitment to make “Greener Choices” that are better for the environment, and as such, Super Green Hosting made it onto my radar because I was scouring the web for a green hosting alternative to recommend to clients.

There are a few companies sprouting up here and there that offer “green hosting”, but Super Green Hosting is more reputable in my opinion, as one of the few environmentally-friendly web hosting companies in the industry.  Super Green Hosting is normally $6.95 per month, but they’re running a limited time offer now for $3.95 per month, where you get a free domain name and site builder program, in addition to unlimited hosting space, file transfer, and an Anytime Money Back” Guarantee.  They use Energy Efficient Servers and are 100% Carbon Neutral Friendly, which are major pluses for the “Green crowd”.  Try Super Green Hosting.

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