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Today, in this podcast, I want to talk about “Web Hosting Companies”, detailing what some companies have to offer, and I’ll continue moving us forward with this part of the series where I’m discussing “How to Build a Website“.

This post is about Web.com Web Hosting.

Web.com is actually one of the first companies I ever heard of that offered online web hosting and site building services to the public (Save 20% on Web.com web creation/web hosting products using code TWC287 until 12/31/10). 

They specialize in Solutions for Small Business, especially their Shopping Carts and eCommerce solutions (Shopping Cart powered by Web.com).  Their web creation and web hosting products are what they’re mostly known for, as they’re big with their “Three Step” process for getting you online in minutes!  Their site building program offers over 25,000 templates to choose from, and that’s a lot more than what I see available at other companies, plus the Web.com name is another one of those instances where a company’s reputation mostly speaks for itself.  Get unlimited storage and transfer, host unlimited websites, free domain registration, up to $125 in ad credits available, and more. All for as low as $7.95 per month.

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