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Today, in this podcast, I want to talk about “Web Hosting Companies”, detailing what some companies have to offer, and I’ll continue moving us forward with this part of the series where I’m discussing “How to Build a Website“.

This post is about Yahoo Web Hosting.

Next up is Yahoo Web Hosting, and once again, in an effort of full disclosure, I am a former Yahoo Web Hosting Customer, as I used to be a part of their Small Business Merchant Solutions Program when I first started working on the web years ago.  Essentially, I went with Yahoo because I kept getting those ads in my Yahoo email account, so I just made the natural extension into paying for other services.  I’m no longer with them, because I now know that there are other companies that offer what they have at a much cheaper price, thus I still have my free yahoo email accounts, but I’m no longer paying them for any services.

With that said, I would still recommend Yahoo Web Hosting Service, because once again, like GoDaddy, they do have a good sector of the market, and they also offer other services, especially in the arena of Search Engine Marketing.  If your company’s online strategy is going to focus heavily on Search Engine Marketing and Pay-Per-Click Advertising, you may find it worth your while to consider Yahoo Web Hosting and their business solutions packages.

I can tell you that Yahoo’s prices aren’t all bad, but they hook you in with low prices, and it sucks once the special price or deal that you had wears if (if in fact it does wear off).  They’re always offering special deals and sales, in fact, right now, you can get 25% off of web hosting services.  Again, if you have the money, this deal might be well worth your while.  Yahoo’s prices are about $12.95 per month (if you renew on a monthly basis), and they offer discounts if you purchase multiple months at a time.  For example, it’s $8.96 a month for the first 3 months if you sign up for three months, then $11.95 per month thereafter, or it can be $7.46 per month for the first three months (at $9.95 per month thereafter) if you sign up for 12 months.

I find, and this is even true in my own experience, that Yahoo does a great job at converting novices over to web hosting, so most people are paying $10 or more for simple web hosting just because they don’t know there are $2, $3 and $4 per month options out there.  Now that I know better, I know that Yahoo isn’t the place for me, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be right for you.  Save 25% when you start a website with Yahoo Web Hosting Now!

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